And finally some furniture!



6 years later- we finally have some new furniture. NEW! Not craigslist finds people- I can finally say we own real adult furniture!

We headed to Jordan’s Furniture in Framingham and picked out a bed- A real bed! I am absolutely ecstatic. I have never had a real headboard and foot board of my very own. It was absolutely miraculous to be able to pick out this gorgeous metal antiquey style bed. Tall and statuesque the Kincaid garden style antique bed has a headboard and foot board made of cool heavy metal that is simply divine. I can’t wait until its delivered!I have spent the past 3 years looking for a bed like this at garage sales and I was getting no where. This bed is solid.Now we actually have incentive to finish ( moreover start) our renovations on the bedroom. We have about a week to get it all done and I look forward to late night wallpaper ripping and plastering. The bedroom will welcome the bed.

We needed a couch like you wouldn’t believe. I feel bad for anyone who has come to our home and had to sit on our big brown formal living room couch. Its not dirty or anything- but our 55 pound Airedale has her own agenda when it comes to her chewies.

We picked a small sofa and chair, down filled, in pistachio – actually Jesse’s choice! I chose toss pillows in a rich Turkish style floral pattern. I also picked a beautiful mauvey light floral for another chair and ottoman for the tv room.

Can we just talk comfort ? This set is unreal. I have traveled the furniture store circuit looking for something that would suit our taste and budget and this is the most comfy set ever. I am happy to say I own a real couch from a real store that I didn’t have to assemble. Not knocking IKEA, but this set will last us through kids and dogs for years to come.

I will post photos when the beauties arrive.


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  1. Oh, I’m so jealous ! I HATE my living room furniture and I want to go shopping SO badly ! Of course, a new house to put it all in would be nice too. I guess I have to wait 😦 I can’t wait to see the photos !

    Have a happy Valentines day,

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