Oh so Super Tuesday!

At the ripe old age of 24 I have only had the opportunity to vote one other time. This was the hardest vote I have ever had to make. Let me elaborate as to why. I am- a woman first and an African American/ Caucasian woman second. Whew, this was a hard decision this time round.

It has been an interesting topic in the press as to whom African American women voters would choose. We feel morally obligated as women to vote Clinton—as we have never had a woman president, but then again we feel an ethical racial responsibility to Obama as African American women- as we have never had an African American president.

Some say , ‘ well Obama would be more sensitive to black issues than ‘white’ Hilary,’ let me say publically ( as if the world gives a darn what I think) , I don’t think that this is true whatsoever, BUT- there is a certain aura Obama could bring to the table in recognizing the horrible disconnect between the African American/minority community and the hiring world of professional jobs.

Which leads me to another topic I have been dying to pick the world’s brain about: Why on earth are there barely any minorities in PR ??!

It absolutely fascinates me. I have read some research that has pointed education factors, others that have hinted at the actual occupation and the racial stigmas etc. I still cannot figure it out. I have spoken with colleagues and no one has a good answer. This is definitely a topic I will expand upon in the future.


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