I love grocery shopping

shopping Many people loathe going to the grocery store. I love it. I only do the shopping once every two to three weeks.   I like going to the grocery story more than shopping for clothes. Not because of the food silly.

I love, love, love to watch what people put in their carts.

Ok, I know it’s a little strange. But I actually go to the longer check out for two reasons:  

1) To read the National Inquirer ( dirty lil’ pleasure) and

2) To watch what people buy.

I am fascinated by people that buy Oreos and ho-hos.  I always wonder why people buy the vats of 1% fruit juice for their children. Or the old men who buy pimento olives (I love them too), or the little shiny cans of sardines. The tubs of snack mix, light bulbs, pre-cut fruit and of course tripe.  (Who buys tripe and what the hell do they use it for???)

Maybe its because  one can tell alot about a person’s life by what they are buying. I don’t know when this fascination began. Such a creeper. Yes, thats me, the girl at Shaw’s watching what people buy and judging them.

 I am very specific about what I buy:

I always buy 2-3 cans of lentil soup. I just love it. Bananas, lowfat vanilla soymilk, fiber one bars ( because they are the most peanut-buttery thing on earth for only 2 Weight Watcher points), chicken ( for Jes), a can of organic pumpkin ( for the dogs), the heaviest bread I can find, red potatoes, salad, annie’s green goddess dressing, gorgonzola cheese,  a plethora of assorted frozen vegetables, firm tofu, apples, whole wheat pasta, parm cheese,  OJ and of course lemon sorbet. (because regardless of how poor I ever am it just makes a bad day tart, sweet and  refreshing) Of course there are other items– yes some not as healthy— but I don’t want to bore you with  the rest of my shopping list.

Thats it folks, there was no point to this story.


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