My Dogs Can tALk

Friday night and I am sitting at the computer after sitting at a computer all day. Is this what we are supposed to do? Chiropractors are making a killing. Yesterday I learned that my best friend in this world is pregnant with her third child. I am elated, she is elated, we are all elated! I was at a Target when she told me and the first thing I wanted to do was buy up all the cute baby clothes in the store and run –literally- down to CT and deliver them. Before the stork arrives– As in right now!

Poor Jes has been sick for the week.( I had the plague last week)  The poor dogs have been cooped up all day and were a crazed mess when I got home. I really do wonder what they do all day. I know they talk to each other. I am pretty sure the conversation sounds something like this:

Dutchess: Terrance! Terrance Guess what?! The mailman will be here in 3 hours!  

Terrance the Terrier: What? Leave me alone. I am seven and I don’t want to bother with the likes of you. He says while perched in his $70 designer recycled felt dog bed.

Dutchess: I love you brother, no matter how crabby you are.

Terrance the Terrier: You’re an idiot. You bring shame to all us canines.

Dutchess Terrance the Terrier


  1. auburnhairedartist said

    I have five dogs of my own and I’m sure they have all sorts of conversations. Mostly things like : “doesn’t she know that our walks are more important than cleaning the bathroom?”
    I’m pretty sure they talk behind my back all day long, but I love them anyway.

    I’m enjoying your blog, it’s lovely !
    Take care,

  2. Rusty said

    Their pictures are cute!

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